Oil Changes

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed routinely is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running optimally. We offer same day service and have some of the best prices in Jacksonville.

Battery Replacement

Our ASE-Certified Technicians have experience with battery replacement in a wide variety of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Our new batteries are some of the most reliable and trusted in the industry.

Steering and Suspension

Are you experiencing braking issues, an abnormal amount of bouncing or pulling and swaying while driving, or hearing unusual noises when you car hits a bump? Your steering or suspension might be to blame. Our team of industry professionals is trained to diagnose a variety of problems that could be causing you to have drivability issues.


From tire mounting, balancing, rotation and inspection, to wheel alignment and tire repair, we offered a full range of wheel service to keep you moving safely on the road. Custom Mag Wheels/Tires: Each wheel order is custom made to fit your vehicle’s bolt pattern, hub, and brake fitment specs.

Shocks and Struts

Properly maintained shocks and struts will keep your vehicle handling like it was new from the manufacturer. Over time, these components of your suspension can become worn and cause your vehicle to handle unsafely on roads. Whether you are in need of replacement, or simply inspection, Wise’s has you covered.


Wise’s services and repairs all parts of your vehicle’s exhaust system including tailpipes and exhaust pipes, mufflers, exhaust valves and pistons, exhaust manifolds, and catalytic converters.

Brake Repair

Worn brakes and brake pads can lead to dangerous consequences while driving. If you suspect your brakes aren’t working the way they should, it’s important to have them inspected as soon as possible. Our brake specialists will make sure your braking system is working properly without trying to sell you unnecessary services.

AC Repair

Living in Florida, having an air-conditioning system in your car that works is a must! Detecting an issue with your auto’s AC system early can save you from costly repairs down the road.

Engine Diagnostic

Check engine light coming on? Let our expert team diagnose potentially damaging engine problems. Your engine light can be triggered by a number of different issues from something as simple as your gas cap being loose, to costly internal engine problems. Our goal is to help you figure out what is truly needed, instead of charging you for services that aren’t necessary.